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In 1984, Parker Trailer Sales, Inc. (now Performance Trailers by Parker) was started by Roy Parker with a primary focus on boat trailers. Parker owned a 30x40 sheet-metal shop and employed just one other person. He eventually got away from boat trailers and started building utility trailers. Parker with his one employee would build one or two trailers a day between 16 and 20 feet long. Every Friday afternoon Parker would haul a load of trailers to San Antonio.

By the late 1980's Mount Pleasant was booming and was well on its way to becoming what some call "The Utility Trailer Capital of America." In 1987, Parker made a decision that changed the course of his production process. Despite skepticism, Performance Trailers became what he says was a significant player in the development of utility trailer manufacturers' use of MIG (Metal Insert Gas) welding.

At that time people in the industry said MIG welding wouldn't work because of the dust in the shop area. Tim Townsend, a gentleman who sold Parker one of his first welding machines, assured him it would work. Parker went against the flow of the industry and bought a MIG machine from Townsend. He had some cracker boxes, some regular stick welders, and used them a little, but the MIG welding was so much nicer, cleaner, and neater. It wasn't long until the competition was following Parker's direction.

In 1989, Parker introduced the hydraulic dump trailer to the trailer industry in response to some customer requests, he decided to sketch out a design for a hydraulic dump. Parker says "he wanted something easy and user friendly, something a 3/4 ton truck could pull. We didn't have any competition from anyone; even larger companies weren't building this type of trailer." They made the frame and bought a hoist from Crysteel Manufacturing, Inc. and went from there. In just 5 days, they had a prototype built. They had to make two adjustments after that and now the trailer is being built by all manufacturers.

In 1991, Parker purchased 50 acres and built a 200 foot building where the Pleasant Drive-In Theatre used to be. He immediately expanded his workforce and watched the business double. Within a year Parker had increased the length of the manufacturing plant to 500 feet.

Late 2007, talk began on implementing a new Sate-Of-The-Art finishing process to Performance Trailers. That process was a 5-Stage Powder Coating system, something no one in the Northeast Texas area was doing. By mid-2008, dreams had turned into reality and Performance Trailers had begun powder coating everything in their product line.

Today Performance Trailers employees about 200 employees and is building approximately 8,000 trailers per year. These trailers are shipped to a vast Dealer Network that expands coast to coast.

Parker is always looking for new, and better, ways to serve his customers and expand his offerings. This is the company's 25th year in business, and that is saying something considering the competition it has faced in Mount Pleasant, with an estimated 50 trailer manufacturers with a 25 mile radius.

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